Professional men's skincare

Anti-Aging Effect*Deep Moisturizing*Hyaluronic Acid for men


Ready-to-use skincare face mask sheet for bearded men

INDIGO MAN – is ready-to-use skincare facial mask thoughtfully made for men with beards or other forms of facial hair. We develop our unique product to cover all men’s needs with Korean dermatologist support including all men’s skin peculiarities.

Skincare usually has been treated as a daily woman's routine. Men's skin, just like women's, is extremely delicate and can be deeply stressed by overworking, as well as climate and time zone changes due to constant travel between meetings and different cities. Extreme sun or sharp frost can affect not only your skin but the whole body. Tiredness appears on men's faces as small wrinkles and dark circles under their eyes.

Korea today is a well-known leader of skincare industry for years, and that's why we chose this place to produce our innovative, unique, and one of a kind men's mask: Indigo man: the beard mask. We are happy to present you our very special facial men’s shape as well as hyaluronic acid as the main component for our very unique Indigo man mask.


How to use

The unique men’s mask INDIGO MAN is ready to use at home. This nourishing mask is perfectly suited to balance and moisturize your skin due to hyaluronic acid. It can be used several times a week, but as well it is suitable for your daily beauty routine.


How to use it?

Very simple: Just clean your face, open the mask, and apply for 10 to 20 minutes. Women's masks tend to fall off the face. The Indigo man mask is designed to fit a man's face with a beard perfectly.